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Ironing Board Cover Rainbow Stained Glass Geometric Fabric Kitchen decor Christmas Gift Housewarming gift idea Cleaning Iron Sewing Room

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Ironing board cover : a must have for your laundry room or your sewing room !!

Lets iron in style and turn a chore in to a pleasant experience with this
beautiful rainbow fabric with a stained glass effect.

- Fits STANDARD size ironing board 54" in L (137,1 cm) and 15" in W (38,1 cm).
Please measure your board from top to bottom and side to side before placing
your order :-)

- This cover is non-padded, made with a 100% cotton quilting fabric,
completely encased in matching bias tape (the matching color of the bias may
vary). A nylon cord and a cord stop allow you to adjust and fit the cover
tightly on the board better than just an elastic.

- A tailored nose pocket ensures a perfect fit.

- Four loops with a cord ensure a secure fit underneath the board

- Machine washable

Note that the last picture of the full board showing the back is not a
representation of the cover you are buying, it's only to show you the fit on
the board!

TIP : Place your new non-padded cover on top of your board and your pad, then
pull on the cord several times in order for the cover to fit tightly underneath
the board. Make sure you pull pretty hard on the cord the last couple times
until you can no more pull (nothing will break!) before to set the cord lock.

Don't find the design you like? Need a custom order? Please, email me with any

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